A Boy & His Bug: It’s Like A Little Prayer

Now, don't start changing my station.

I admit.  I’ve been a little out of sorts lately, and it’s more than it being August and all.  It’s just — well — summer is almost over and I have yet to see my Praying Mantis.  Until today!

This morning, Joe and I packed up the truck with tools and a ladder to help my niece and her fiance repair their wood deck.  When we arrived at their house, and unloaded the truck, I opened up the ladder — and there he/she was.  My Praying Mantis, in all of his jointed glory.

My niece’s fiance was impressed; he hadn’t seen a Praying Mantis in a long time.  What’s a Mantis maniac to do?  Hand over my Praying Mantis as a house-warming gift?  Or, take my big-eyed beauty back home?  Hmmmm, I pondered.  Perhaps I needed to make like a Mantis and pray.  What would Jesus do?  What would a gardener do?  What would Jesus do if He hadn’t seen His Praying Mantis in His garden for a long time?

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