Caroling, Caroling Through The Month

Christmas Playlist

Now that Thanksgiving is over, I no longer have to feel guilty about listening to Christmas carols.  I’m not referring to the holiday music played all day and all night by local radio stations.  That’s a bit much — and I would rather be boiled in my own pudding, a stake of holly through my heart.

No, I like my own collection of Christmas music — music that I can listen to when I want and as often as I want — even if it’s in June or July.  Sometimes, you just need some old fashioned, familiar merriment.  Besides, it’s a great way to think cool thoughts during a heatwave.

While many aspects of the holiday season — like the coal-deserving behavior of many shoppers on Black Friday and the corporate leaders who opened their doors to do business on Thanksgiving, ala Scrooge & Marley — have left me feeling like a not-right-jolly-old-elf, Christmas carols remain at the top of my holiday list.

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