Carnivorous Plant Devours Long Island

The other day, my friend Rachel presented me with a gift: a carnivorous plant.   In my mind, carnivorous plants could only be found in two places: a primordial soupy rain forest swamp or a sci-fi film (think Little Shop of Horrors or The Day of the Triffids).  In all honesty, it’s kind of cool to have a carnivorous plant in the yard.  It’s also a little intimidating.  Does this mean I have to barbecue steaks for me, Joe, and the plant?

Eric Kunz is the man behind Wowflowers, Long Island’s largest supplier of carnivorous and unique water plants, as well as the only licensed grower of these endangered and protected species in all of New York State.  He is passionate about his plants.

According to Mr. Kunz, the plant I own is “Jersey Girl,” a type of Sarracenia purpurea, or purple pitcher plant.  The plants are native to North America, and can be found living in bogs throughout New England and along the Canadian border.  He also assures me that caring for these other worldly perennials is easy.

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