Bloomin’ Update

Plant seeds.  Add sun and warmth.  Mix with water.  And wait.  Well, the waiting is over, and it seems like everything is exploding in the garden.  Here are some pictures of what’s blooming right now.  Enjoy!

The Niko Blue Hydrangeas are full of blooms. I actually rooted several of these from the original one that Joe's grandmother had planted about 40 years ago.

The Hardy Geraniums are out of control.I planted a ring of white Hydrangeas under a pine tree in the front yard. They're still on the small side, I think because the giant pine sucks all of the water from them.

Remember the Gloxinia that I wrote about in a previous post about bringing plants home from the office? Well, this is the result.

This is the "red something" Hydrangea that I purchased from Home Depot a few years ago. Clearly, the blooms are not red, but they do appear to glow in the dark at night. This picture probably does not do the shrub any justice -- you'll just have to take my word for it.

Purple Petunias.

I have a love affair with Hydrangeas. I rooted 5 plants from the original one, and planted them along a stone walkway leading to my backyard.Bees are going crazy with the newly opened Liatris.

Lavender is planted along the walkway to the front door. My plan was to have people brush passed it, releasing its scent. Of course, I find myself intentionally making sure I touch it so that I can smell its fragrance.

Please indulge me one more Hydrangea. The blooms on this one are various shades of purple.

Thanks for visiting, and stay tuned for more blooms.

8 thoughts on “Bloomin’ Update

  1. I really enjoyed the pictorial walk through your garden. The images are amazing and I too have a love of Hydrangeas.
    I also have to admit that reading your blog and listening to your conversations with Lori have sent me to my own garden with a renewed spirit I had lost when our boat entered the water several years ago. Thank you. And by the way, awesome news on the Elephant Ear front-it’s back!! I truly thought I had killed it during the winter, but the first leaf is fully open and a second and third are on their way out. I was surprised at the excitement I felt-again thanks to you!!

  2. You asked about the stone wall and ‘stargate’ in my blog. it is the entrance to the labrynth at the garden where i work. The columns are carved sandstone by a local mason, and the inscription is latin, “know thy self”

  3. Your hydrangeas are lovely! Could your “red something” be Lady in Red? My Lady in Reds are very similar. Except for the lavender, which I am very jealous of, we seem to share similar plants. Where are you located? Also, love your gloxinia. The first plant my husband ever gave me was a gloxinia, so they have a lot of sentimental value to me, but also they are so pretty.

    • Hi. Thanks for visiting. I’m not very good with holding onto plant labels, so that hydrangea could be “Lady in Red” — or not. When I purchased it, I thought I would see red blooms. Nevertheless, I feel myself looking forward to the non-red flowers. I am located, on some maps, in Zone 7. On other maps, I’m Zone 6. I am actually in the middle of Long Island, NY, where there is a narrow area of Zone 6 surrounded by Zone 7.

  4. Jean’s picks are always great and yours is no exception. I love your hydrangeas. I have three kinds so far. How wonderful to have a cutting from a grandmother’s plant!

    Your photos are lovely.

    • Hi Diane. Thanks for stopping by. Jean’s profiling my blog was a wonderful surprise! Hydrangeas are one of my favorite shrubs — color, texture, and I love how they age gracefully as the season goes on. We should all be so lucky. Enjoy the 4th!

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