Bloomin’ Update 6: Glad To See Ya

There’s a lot happening in these early days of August, and here are some photos to prove it.

Gladioli Take The Stage:

I Canna Live Without You

My favorite Canna of them all: red leaves and red flowers.


How Many Colors Of “White” Are In A Packet Of Italian White Sunflower Seeds?

Of all the colors, this one most closely resembles the sun.

 A Couple Of Old Standbys:

The one and only Rose. I think the reason it's still here is because I followed my sister's rose advice: neglect.

I rooted this Hydrangea a year ago, and this is its first bloom. Very full for a youngster!



There’s Always Room For Coleus:


Plant Update: Bleeding Heart Vine:

This is a plant that my grandfather rooted for me years ago, from a plant that I had given him for Christmas. I bring it to work each year, and in the summer, it stays outside. A bloom at last!

2 thoughts on “Bloomin’ Update 6: Glad To See Ya

  1. Absolutely stunning photos! Love the Glads! The bleeding heart vine is beautiful, never seen one before! Cosmos and Coleus, what beautiful annuals! Thanks so much for sharing! Happy Gardening! Mindy

    • Hi Mindy, and thanks for the comments. Thanks to my father’s advice, I started taking photos earlier or later in the day, so the sun did not wash out the colors. I was shocked myself at how vivid the colors are in the photos. I guess Dad knows of what he speaks. Happy that you stopped by!

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