Bloomin’ Update 7: Before & After

I can never tell which I enjoy looking at more: the unopened bud or the full bloom. 

There’s something very exciting about looking at an unopened flower.  There’s promise and wonder and anticipation.  It’s like staring at a gift with your name on it that’s been sitting under the Christmas tree for weeks — only you can’t shake it or pry open the wrapping paper to get a peak.  But you know in your heart, that tied up in that puckered green bundle is a treasure of pure beauty: the flower that you always wanted. 

Since it is better to give than to receive, may I present two buds and the two ensuing blooms in the mid-August garden.

Before: Teddy Bear Sunflower


After: Teddy Bear Sunflower


Before: "Vancouver" Dahlia


After: "Vancouver" Dahlia


6 thoughts on “Bloomin’ Update 7: Before & After

  1. we just had our datura(which my husband nurtures over the winter) finally reveal a blossom..closed, it looked like it would be pinkish but the open flower is a pale greeny white…lovely , especially as each bloom only lasts a day!

    • Hi and thanks for commenting and subscribing. Datura is a gorgeous bloom. Just be careful of the plant’s toxic qualities, especially if you have pets or young kids. Otherwise, enjoy the fragrance and the excitement of watching them open. Cheers!

      • thanks, yes we had a huge uproar in this city a few years ago about datura and its’ toxicity..
        (mind you, MANY many plants are quite toxic..)

      • We had that same uproar here, with fears that teenagers were using the plant to create a dangerous high. Personally, I’d rather look at the plant to get high. Thanks for commenting and happy and safe gardening.

  2. I like the way you described the bud and the enjoyment of viewing it from bud to bloom. I enjoy the process too, including the partly opened stage. I am so thankful we have digital cameras to capture the beautiful moment.

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