Not-So-Wordless Wednesday


Finding Peace & Harmony On Common Ground


I’ve noticed that many bloggers post a “Wordless Wednesday” each week.  Try as I might to follow the rules of widweek alliteration, I cannot not use words. 

A few posts ago, I wrote about a community garden, The Common Ground, in Sayville, NY, because it is home to a labyrinth garden and truly represents what a community garden can and should be.

Recently, I had the pleasure of returning to The Common Ground, this time to see another, more musical side of a community garden.  Our friend plays saxophone with the Atlantic Wind Symphony, the oldest fully professional concert band on Long Island.  This photo is the view from my lawn chair.  It was a beautiful night, much needed after an earthquake and a hurricane.  The band entertained the crowd with marches, standards, show tunes, and popular music.  For me, the highpoint was a military set, with a song from each of the branches.  Before the set began, the conductor asked veterans from each of the branches to stand up when their particular song began.  To see these men and women, of all ages, stand for their branch and be recognized was quite emotional. 

And that is the beauty of a community garden — the simple idea of feeling connected not only to the land but to people, to a commuity.

4 thoughts on “Not-So-Wordless Wednesday

  1. What a lovely idea, Kevin. it sounds like fun. It certainly would have been difficult to know what your photo was about if there hadn’t been any words! “Cannot not” is that mean two negatives make a positive and you can ?

    • Hello, Ellada — and thank you for visiting. I am always amazed what gardening and music can do for people. It’s wonderful to see different people come together and enjoy life as one — even if it’s only for a few hours. Maybe there are some lessons there that we can carry over into our everyday lives.

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