Name That Garden

“Hello, and welcome to Name That Garden.  The rules are simple.  I will post a photo or two or three of a garden, and you have to guess where that garden is located.  Margo, tell us what the people are playing for?”

“Well, Nitty Gritty, they’re certainly not playing for a car.  But they will be playing for the fun and surprise of it!”

“That’s swell, Margo.  Now, are you ready to play, everyone?  Here is our first photo.”


“If you guessed C, then you are correct.  This display is part of a local gas station that is located on a heavy-traffic intersection.  Not only is it great to see a business doing its best to make the neighborhood look nicer, the waterfall is a welcome distraction as you sit in your car waiting for the light to change.”

“If you’d like to continue playing, click the ‘Continue Reading’ link below.”

“Now for our next picture.”

“I’m afraid this was a trick question.  This planting is actually all part of the landscaping at the same local gas station.”

“So the answer is E?”


“Yes, Margo, the answer is E!  Let’s move on shall we?”


“The answer is D, a condo complex.  I don’t know what the landscaping company’s secret is, but these begonias are huge.  They are planted in full, direct sun, and they look like a red hedge lining the entrance to the complex.  It’s nice to see the commons charges at work, but it would also be nice if the landscaping company revealed its secret formula for big-gonias.”

“Well, audience, that’s about all we have time for today.  Tune in again for another episode of Name That Garden!  Say good night, Margo.”

“Good night, Margo.”

(Cue the theme music.)

6 thoughts on “Name That Garden

  1. Dear Mr Nitty Gritty…I have sent a few men round, now don’t be alarmed…the new coat in a classic ice-white colour that they will present you is a ‘one-size fits all’. Try it on, they’ll help you with the ‘unusual’ sleeves with tie-ups. Now, advance warning the ‘ties’ do up at the back, this is the latest in high-end fashion & you’ll be the coolest chappie on the block… ! Oh by the way I’ve also organised, as an extra special treat, a little stay in a padded cell!! Enjoy my friend! Enjoy! :o)

  2. This was a hoot. Looking forward to another edition. I thought the gas station option for the first question was just a goofy answer but my shock when it was the real answer! Good on them though for doing up the neighbourhood.

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