Not-So-Wordless Wednesday: Pressing News

Like a garden, a blog needs its own share of TLC.  There’s watering (to nurture it along), weeding (to keep out the spam), some deadheading (to keep it fresh), and a fair amount of manure (to encourage growth).  The real reward comes when blooms appear – as flowers, vegetables, or readers.  This week, Nitty Gritty Dirt Man has seen a bountiful harvest.

My usual routine in the garden is to take a walk, check on what’s growing, what needs trimming, what needs weeding – that sort of thing.  I keep a similar routine for the blog, where I try to post at least two times a week, usually on Sundays and Wednesdays.  The structure helps keep me focused and organized.

I also check on the stats that WordPress tracks – mostly out of curiosity to gauge what readers seem to like and when their interest peaks and fades. 

That was the case on Monday morning when I checked the stats from Sunday’s Super Bowl post.  There were maybe 50 hits on Sunday night and one on Monday morning.  That same afternoon, I checked in again, but the visitors’ number had surged to well over 200.  Surely, I thought, there had to be a problem.  I had never, ever had that many hits.  Was there a glitch?  A prank?  A virus?

After some research, I learned that WordPress had selected my post “Bloomin’ Update 17: Anticipation” for its “Freshly Pressed” home page, a selection of the site’s choice blogs.  I’m not sure of the criteria, but I am now sure of the power of the “Freshly Pressed.”

By dinner, the stats had climbed to over 400.  By bedtime, they surpassed 700. 


I have developed a habit of responding to each comment – I figure if someone took the time to read my posts and write something, the very least I could do is comment back.  I also try to visit their blogs, as well as the sites of those visitors who clicked each post’s “Like” button.  Needless to say, I have been reading and typing and clicking a lot – and to all of you who have found me (recently or in the past), I want to say thank you.  Your comments and support have been encouraging and inspirational.  They’ve also been educational.  Some visitors identified my posted weeds as henbit, an edible winter annual that’s in the mint family.  Apparently, one person’s weed is another person’s salad. 

The experience has also opened up a world of blogging, and I would encourage anyone who reads the comments to click on the links, take a detour, and visit some amazing places.  You will find photographers and gardeners, humorists and writers, therapists and students. 

As the week continues, I am astounded at how many of us are reaching out to each other and looking for connections. We are no different than those early tribes of people who settled together to create communities – villages, towns, and cities.  We humans are amazing creatures and I hope we realize that.

I’m about to click “Publish,” and I see that the stats have now topped 1,200 — that’s 1,200 more amazing humans who are  a part of my world, a part of my garden.

40 thoughts on “Not-So-Wordless Wednesday: Pressing News

  1. WOW! 1200 peeps…more than I’ve had in the past year. I wonder why…hmmmm….me thinks we both know the answer to that. Keep up the great work my friend!! Xx

  2. Kevin,
    I was one of those that found your site via freshly pressed. I am a new blogger and was so happy to see another garden blog on freshly pressed. I really like your content and I did like the super bowl post, but you have done well with all of your blog. I am now a follower and very happy that I found you.

    • I am certainly thrilled that you found me, and I’m happy that you enjoy the content. I truly appreciate your kind words and support — and I plan on visiting your site regularly. Enjoy your day!

  3. Congratulations on getting so many readers. Must admit I was not one of the readers on Sunday. Sorry. I thought the post was about football. But I do pop by your blog regularly. Honest.

  4. I too just visited Freshly Pressed on Monday and picked you out to explore and then to follow. Like your writing style and topics of those I read. I’m expanding the topic range on my blog and posting regularly (weekly) so want to reach out beyond a few friends. Thanks for blogging about blogging. I am curious and am exploring the medium.

    • Thank you so much. Sometimes, it feels like blogging takes up as much time as gardening. If only there wasn’t this thing called work always getting in the way. Nice to her from you.

  5. Wow, I am really impressed. Just shows what a little publicity in the right place will do! And your blog certainly deserves it, being full of wit and garden wonder and some escapades we can all relate to. Congratulations, and remember me when you become famous.

  6. I really like the blog as garden metaphor. I’m relatively new to my blog – at least, I’m new to tending and nurturing it as much as it deserves. It’s really true that so much time needs to be put into it – and that one gets a wonderful harvest if you play your cards right 🙂

    • The blog takes some work, but the beauty of it is that you can determine how much time you’d like to devote. Good luck with it. You seem to be on your way!

  7. Congratulations on your bounty! I am so thankful for freshly pressed because it’s how I find so many great blogs! I’m lost when just trying to randomly find one I’m interested in. we have not yet have the honor of being on “freshly pressed” but hope to some day. You have a wonderful blog, very fresh and inspiring.

    • Hello. I’m not sure how blogs are selected, but I am honored — and after visiting your site, you should be right on top of the freshly pressed list. Hope it happens soon!

  8. Kevin, what a good idea to have a schedule for blogging. When I first started I had wonderful intentions and indeed posted around 3 times per week or more but in recent months I have been awfully lazy about the whole proceedings. I can see how scheduling a time to post would be a good way to correct my increasingly bad habits! and congratulations on the acknowledgment by WordPress, 1200 visits is quite an astounding number.

    • Marguerite, great to hear from you. Prior to starting this blog, I did some research to gauge the rights and wrongs. In the end, I created something that would work with my schedule. Three posts a week is a lot — but two posts seemed manageable. And if I could space it out evenly, that would give me time to think, write, take photos, and still take care of life stuff. Good luck with trying to get back into the blogging cycle — and many thanks for your support.

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