Bloomin’ Update 48: The Falling Leaves . . .

Autumn Leaves

In the last post, I left the garden for a music-themed writing prompt from WordPress.  This week, it’s back outside — or rather, it’s back to the photos that I originally had taken if I hadn’t come across that writing prompt.  And it’s a good thing I snapped these photos when I did — because a week of wind later, where once there were leaf-laden trees, there now stands bare branches.

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Return To Planet Claire

I know.  I know.  This is a gardening blog, but WordPress has issued a Daily Post Challenge , a writing prompt that spoke to me — or rather, that sang to me.  The task was to pick a song — any song — and write about it.

My first impulse was to select “Autumn Leaves,” by Nat King Cole, and add a few leafy photos — and although I love the idea of being wrapped in the velvet of his voice, it almost seemed too obvious.  Another time, perhaps, because this music post begs to be more personal.

Planet Claire

For months now, Joe and I have been trying to simplify our lives, but there is one area of my own life that remains a hold out.  It’s my vinyl record collection, which now sits — alphabetically, of course — in crates that are stacked in my closet.  I’m having a very hard time parting with my records.  I’ve been talking about it for about 10 years now.

My records, you see, are important to me.  They are the records I’ve carried with me for decades, the records I used on countless mix tapes, the records I uploaded onto my computer and burned onto CDs, the records I now listen to on my iPod.  Yes, these albums, 12” singles, and imports can tell a story of me better than any diary.

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