The Road To Reinvention

Terracotta Sahrds

Lately, this is how I envision my brain: shards of broken terracotta strewn across the potting bench.  Where I once had a clear vision and firm ideas, I now feel a bit scattered and disorganized.  My struggle is to figure out why — why I can’t seem to focus; can’t seem to be motivated; can’t seem to get back to my two posts a week schedule.

My first thought is that I have stumbled into a very bad case of bloggers’ block.  Perhaps I’ve overextended myself — time needed for work and time dedicated to writing seem to be at odds with each other.  Perhaps the freshest ideas have all been used in the first year of this blog — after all, once you write a piece on the joys of raking, how many more autumns can you possibly write the same thing?

Then, just as I try to make sense of all these thoughts and worries, stacking them just so — one piece falls from the pile and I soon find myself once again in the throes of worry.

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“And The Versatile Blogger Award Goes To. . .”

Have you ever had one of those senior posting moments?  You know, the kind where you desperately need something to post about but the posting angel is on hiatus — and since it’s winter, you can’t even  get by with a random flower photo? 

Well, that was my state of mind for the past few days — until the posting angel arrived in the form of Jane from Tidy Gardens, who presented me with the “Versatile Blogger Award.”  I’m not sure of the criteria Jane used, since I’ve never considered myself versatile, but I am very humbled and flattered to be on her list of versatile bloggers — although she has also informed me there are rules that I must follow as a recipient of this award. 

But before I get into that, I do owe Jane many thanks.  Her site is one that I return to quite often — usually to bring a smile to my face.  It’s strange to have struck up a friendship of sorts with someone I’ve never met, but I do appreciate her humor (and the fact that she gets mine).  What I especially enjoy about her posts or her comments here, is that when I read her words, I can hear her voice — although, I have never actually heard it.  I encourage everyone to check out her site.  You’ll see what I mean.

Now for the rules.

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