“And The Versatile Blogger Award Goes To. . .”

Have you ever had one of those senior posting moments?  You know, the kind where you desperately need something to post about but the posting angel is on hiatus — and since it’s winter, you can’t even  get by with a random flower photo? 

Well, that was my state of mind for the past few days — until the posting angel arrived in the form of Jane from Tidy Gardens, who presented me with the “Versatile Blogger Award.”  I’m not sure of the criteria Jane used, since I’ve never considered myself versatile, but I am very humbled and flattered to be on her list of versatile bloggers — although she has also informed me there are rules that I must follow as a recipient of this award. 

But before I get into that, I do owe Jane many thanks.  Her site is one that I return to quite often — usually to bring a smile to my face.  It’s strange to have struck up a friendship of sorts with someone I’ve never met, but I do appreciate her humor (and the fact that she gets mine).  What I especially enjoy about her posts or her comments here, is that when I read her words, I can hear her voice — although, I have never actually heard it.  I encourage everyone to check out her site.  You’ll see what I mean.

Now for the rules.

1. In the same post, add the Versatile Blogger Award.  Check.

2. In the same post, thank the blogger who nominated you in a post with a link back to their blog.  Check.

3. In the same post, share 7 completely random pieces of information about yourself.  Hmmmm.  Let’s see.  1) I hate clowns.  They terrify me, with their painted-on smile that stays there no matter their true emotion.  Just creepy.  2) Joe calls me a “domestic disaster,” since I can cook a one-pot meal with every pot and utensil in the kitchen.  It’s a skill — but the end result is worth the mess.  3) I play bagpipes.  Practice is tonight and parade season, also known as March, is around the corner.  4) I guess the next logical random piece of information is to tell you what I wear under my kilt.  5) When I was kid, I interviewed Dick Clark for a local newspaper.  6) I’m a walking miracle.  I’ve had 42 staples in my head as a result of a car accident some 15 years ago, and now I have 13 stents keeping the blood flowing to my heart due to coronary artery disease. 7) I would like to be a published novelist, but I get bored with my own ideas. 

4. In the same post, include this set of rules.  Check.

5. Forward this award to 15 (only 15?) fellow bloggers, and inform them with a comment on each of their blogs.  Well, since I have the stage and the microphone, I would also like to add a little information about each of my nominees. 

Lee May’s Gardening Life — When I started this blog, the advice was to go out and find other blogs that you think your audience would like and link with that blog.  Lee’s was my first link.  His words are soothing and inspirational, and his wisdom and wit are treasures.

Hortus 5 — Mario is one of the most talented people I’ve met (although we haven’t met).  He has a great eye for design and his warmth always comes through in everything he writes.

Jean’s Garden — Jean actually found me.  She regularly profiles new garden blogs on her site, and she selected mine for one of her posts.  Her style is friendly and accepting, and I find that when I read her posts, I leave with a sense of peace — as if I just had a cup of tea with close friend.

Visionary Gleam — Here is one of my favorites — I think because Jim and I share a very similar sense of humor.  He tends to find humor in everything, and yet all of his posts are quite touching at the same time.

Arigna Garden — When I need a taste of Ireland, I go to this site.  Bridget’s style is informative, and many of her posts are like a warm blanket on a cold winter day — and there is always the soothing aroma of some tasty home-made meal being prepared.

Patrick’s Garden — Patrick is one of the most dedicated and inspirational garden bloggers out there. 

Canoe Corner —  Here is a nod to a blog from Canada.  It’s always a treat to check in and see the work being done on their dream home and land.

Garden Walk, Garden Talk — Donna manages to host two wonderful blogs.  The other is Green Apples — and I can never tell which site I enjoy visiting most.  So, I’m linking to both!

Enclosure — This blog from Rwanda is incredible, with posts that are able to open up a world that many of us have never considered.  Fascinating.

Karen’s Garden Adventures — It seems that whenever I visit Karen’s site, I get another idea for some future project.  Her site is very hands-on and educational.

The Eloquent Garden — If you’re in need of some motivation, inspiration, healing, or a smile, Lilith’s site, based in Australia, is well-worth a visit.

A Hocking Hill’s Garden — Lona is the garden blogger who took me under her wing when I registered this site with Blotanical, a garden blog search engine.  She has been a tremendous help in getting me up and running on that site — and her own blog is filled with gorgeous photos and great ideas.

Dreaming of Roses — There is always something to enjoy here, from posts on garden ornaments to gadgets to, you guessed it, roses. 

Graphicality – UK — Helene’s site offers something for everyone — the gardener, the reader, the designer.  Always a treat to visit.

Me So Thorny — The name alone is deserving of an award, but Chad’s writing and humor and sensitivity are just as deserving.

And that would be a big check after Rule 5.  Now, all I have to do is contact each of my nominees.  Again, many thanks to Jane, and all of the bloggers listed above.  Believe me, there are many others that I could also include in this list.  Perhaps that will be a post for another day. 



36 thoughts on ““And The Versatile Blogger Award Goes To. . .”

  1. Blimey!!! Can’t get out the room my head’s expanded sooooo much. Off to check out your nominees….they sound like a groovy bunch. You deserved the award…x

      • You’re welcome…read ‘Versatile’ as ‘fab n’ groovy and ever-so-slightly barking’..the new definition! Have a great day xxxx

  2. Hi Kevin,
    thanks for your kind words and nominating me for the Versatile Blogger Award. I was however also nominated and accepted the award from another blogger about a week ago. I did a post about same. Many thanks, Bridget.
    P.S: Congrats on getting the award, it’s always nice when other people like your blog and feel inspired by it.

    • Congratulations on your award — but I’m still keeping you on my list! It’s interesting — we write and post in the privacy of our homes, and then our words and images travel around the globe. We never know where it will end up — and to get comments and responses and awards, well, it is an honor. Cheers!

  3. Today I read that the “thud I hear hitting the floor”, was “Leonardo DiCaprio and Michael Fassbender”, for not receiving a nod from The Academy when the Oscar nominations were announced on Tuesday. At least the sounding of the thud wasn’t yours truly for not being recognized as a Versatile Blogger. Just teasing — about me at least — I can’t speak for Leonardo and Michael. Congratulations on your award!

    • Thank you, and I’m glad you didn’t hit your head with that thud. Like I said, there were so many sites that I wanted to include — and 15 just isn’t enough space. I promise that this too will be rectified.

  4. Thank you for the award! I’ll have to put my thinking cap on now! I loved hearing about the bagpipes, and laughed at the way you skirted (get it) the issue about what you wear under the kilt! 🙂 And I’m glad to learn of some more fun and versatile blogs to read! Congratulations!

  5. Congratulations on your award, Kevin!!! I’m proud of you (as always)! I enjoy reading your posts and would definitely be the first one in line to buy that novel of yours!! By the way, I still have the article you wrote about Dick Clark tucked away in a box of keepsakes. Anyway, just want to say, “Congrats!”

    • I know your my Aunt, so you have to say those things — but thank you very much, for everything. That reminds me. . . I wonder if Dick Clark remembers me?? 🙂

  6. Congrats on your nomination!!!! Thank you so much Kevin for considering my blogs to receive this award. I am honored you would consider them in this wonderful group. I know most of them and have to agree with your assessment. A few, I did not know their names or gender, so I learned something too. I have been nominated a few times in the past, but never did post and meet the requirements. I really appreciate you thinking of my blogs. I added your blog to my sidebar and will link to this post in my next post to thank you for the honor.

  7. Well congrats Kevin on your award. You deserve it fella. I enjoy your blog so much. Thanks for nominating me for the award. I so appreciate the kind words.
    Clowns are a little weird, well some dolls are too. LOL! Have you heard of a crock pot? Makes wonderful one pot meals. LOL! Well you are indeed a walking miracle. I well refrain from adding some head jokes. LOL! Thank you and have a wonderful week.

    • Lona,
      I guess that would mean clown dolls are outright terrifying! Never, ever bring one not your house. We do have a crock pot — but that takes planning. Do you have any recipes? Thanks for your support!

  8. Heyyy, Kevin, Big congratulations on your award; you definitely deserve it. Versatility is you, my friend, along with deep original talent. I knew you’d be a star the first time I laid eyes on your prose.

    Thank you, much. for nominating me with such fine words.

    Cheers on you!
    First Link Lee

  9. Kevin, thanks for nominating my blog. It was an unexpected honor and treat for me. I’m glad that you think my blog is worthy of such a nomination. It means a lot to me because it came from a blogger whose work I enjoy so much.

  10. Congratulation Kevin, on your award, and thank you for my award, I really appreciate the recognition. I have to go and write my acceptance speech now, and make some tough choices as to who I should nominate….I know so many good ones, and not only gardening blogs….didn’t have to be a gardening blog did it? Anyway, thank you for your kind words, take care 🙂

  11. I enjoyed reading the random facts about yourself. You play bagpipes! I love it! Also, thanks for the list of blogs you enjoy; I am not familiar with all of them and must explore!

  12. Kevin, thanks for the shout out. You’re a brave man, recommending my blog, since I don’t even recommend it myself, for fear of offending people, which I often do. Hey, my new favorite blog is called Garden Photo of the Day, by a premier garden writer from Atlanta. What I love about her blog is that her entries are about people. Her lifetime of experience meeting people and chronicling gardens means she has a story to tell about each photo. She is a very good writer and photographer, too. Much like Jean…http://www.gardenphotooftheday.com/

  13. Kevin, Thank you so much for the honor. I’ll try to post in the next few days. (I’m having a guilty memory that someone else nominated me for this one last year, and I never followed through. Your renomination will give me a chance to expiate my guilt.)

  14. Thanks so much for the award Kevin! but wait, you never did say what goes under that kilt?? I found your blog initially through Jean @ Jean’s Garden and I think many people, including myself, owe her many thanks (perhaps that should be a meme, thanks to Jean..) for her promotion of other garden blogs.

  15. Kevin! I held my breath….but no, I am still wondering re the kilt! How much torture can a gardening girl take !? Haha, one pot meals using every pot in kitchen,,,,,,,

    Thank you so much for the versatile blogger Nomination…..i feel so excited! And glad that enjoy my blogs so much…It is an inspiration…less dancing, more blogging…or maybe,,,, less sleep and same dancing…Yes!

    And thanks for the others on list…i will enjoy reading new blogs…

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