Coming Out Of The Gardening Closet

It’s time for me to open up and reveal something about myself.  I must confess, now that I’m about to write out the words, I’m feeling a little self-concious.  But there is no turning back now.  Accept me or reject me, the choice is yours.

I never really knew this was an issue for me.  I embraced my circumstances as something natural.  It wasn’t until I read about it in a book that I wondered, “Am I really that different?  Are there others out there who are like me?”  So, I’ll take a deep breath and come out of the proverbial closet.  I experience nature both ways.  I am bi-zonal.

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Bloomin’ Update 5: Hot Colors & Cool Thoughts

Hot colors in the heat dome.

The newscasters and weather forecasters are having a field day with the heat wave.  They’re frying eggs on the pavement and baking cookies in cars and they have a new term, “heat dome,” to describe the blistering weather pattern.  The urgency in their voices reminds me of “The Twilight Zone” episode where the Earth is moving closer to the sun.  These are the same people, mind you, who whip up winter hysteria when snow is predicted.  It seems that no matter what Mother Nature throws at us, she’ll never make everyone happy.

I must admit, though, I am enjoying the heat dome — or as I call it, summer.  Yes, it’s hot, and yes, I’m spending lots of time quenching my thirsty plants.  For lots of reasons — too many to get into here  —  I like the warmth.  I like the casualness of the season.  And I like the time spent in the garden, because the days of the heat dome are numbered. 

In honor of this sentiment, I would like to share a few hot colors from around the yard, as well as a few cool thoughts to remind us of what was and what will come.

My reward for saving Canna corms each autumn.

The potting shed.

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