Bloomin’ Update 13: A Walk In The Clouds

A cloud fell from the sky last night.  I’m not sure when it actually happened, since it was crystal clear when I went to sleep.  This morning, when I looked out of the window, I had to wonder, “Am I dreaming?”

Fog has a way of playing games with you.  That might be why I love it so much.  Ordinary objects become fuzzy.  Landscapes become otherworldly.  With imagination, I can be anywhere: my backyard or a Transylvanian woods.  Like snow, fog seems to muffle sound and makes you feel as if you’re the only person alive.  As I went exploring, I could hear the random drip of melting ice crystals, their misty evaporation rising into the air.  And as the sun warmed the atmosphere, the fog left and everything — including me — returned to it’s usual state of being. 

I hope these photos offer a glimpse of the gauzy wonder that was a Sunday morning fog in late November.



16 thoughts on “Bloomin’ Update 13: A Walk In The Clouds

    • Glad you liked the photos. I’m not a fan of mist (I think it’s indecisive — either rain or don’t rain); I only like the first snowfall; but when it comes to fog, I can’t get enough.

    • Thank you so much for your kind words. I agree with you about blogging — it allows us to open up and reveal bits and pieces of ourselves to the world. Be well.

    • My favorite foggy memory takes place in San Francisco — just watching the blanket being pulled over the hilltops and into the hollows. Gorgeous! Thank you for your kind words.

    • Janet, thanks for your kind words. When I found the photos, it was definitely a walk down memory lane — and although the photos appear misty, the memories are crystal clear. Happy holidays!

  1. Kevin, I’m just getting caught up with your blog. You’ve done such a good job here of capturing that dreamy foggy landscape. When I was in Maine for Thanksgiving, we had more than a foot of snow, followed by a warm day and that thick “melting snow” fog, followed by a cold night when the fog froze on the trees. It was an amazing sight! (I’ve only seen freezing fog once before, and that time I was driving in it. This was much more fun.)

    • Hello, Jean. Thanks for your kind words. Fog is a definite favorite — the illusion, the softness, the mystery, the silence. We’ve had frozen fog here — magical.

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