This Bud’s For You


As I sat in my office the other day, I glanced at the terracotta pot, the one that stays outside all summer and that I bring to work each September, and saw the first fuzzy leaves of Gloxinia, a plant that has called this pot home for several years.

It’s a funny thing, this Gloxinia.  At the end of the growing season, after all of the leaves and stems have withered away, I put it in an out of the way place.  When I remember, I give it some water – and then, thanks to its inner timepiece, it begins to emerge from its winter dormancy – and I am always in awe.  While I go about my life and career, this plant is doing its own thing – dormant and alive, right under my nose, and when I least expect it, Gloxinia reminds me that it’s still here.

The same can be said about this blog – or rather, the readers of this blog.  As I go about my life and career, putting words and photos to “paper,” I sometimes forget that there is an audience.  When I started this blog, it was an exercise for me.  But once “Publish” is clicked and comment notifications appear, I say to myself, “Oh, yeah.  While I’m sitting by the computer by myself, there are all of these people out there reading and responding and reacting.” 

That was how I felt recently when two separate bloggers, in a matter of days, both nominated Nitty Gritty Dirt Man to receive the Versatile Blogger Award, an honor which I had already received a few short weeks ago — which brings me to my dilemma.  I know there are certain rules nominees must follow, such as revealing 7 secrets about themselves.  I did this the first time around, and I think I would be hard pressed to come up with another 14 secrets. 

So, what is the proper protocol?  Do I step down like a Miss America who cannot fulfill her duties?


After careful consideration, I thought I would do this my way . . .


First, I would like to acknowledge my nominators by saying, “This bud’s for you.”

Northern growing Magnolia.

 The Lost Art of Hitchhiking is a blog I discovered after mine was listed on “Freshly Pressed” — or rather Shawn and Suzanne, the voices behind the Hitchhiking, found me, and I’m glad they did.  Because of their site, a whole new blog world opened up, encouraging me to explore blogs that strayed from the garden path.  Pop on over, and you will see a site devoted to travel and photography and enjoying life to its fullest.

A few days later, Astrid of Astrid’s Garden Design nominated me.  Her site is a wonderland of inspiration and advice as she takes readers on a tour of garden design.  Her style is practical and easy to understand — and the results are impressive.  Enjoy this treat. 

This double nomination also means that I can nominate some more blogs that I enjoy.  Some are new discoveries, some are old friends, and all are very much worth a click.

Seed To Salad

Fourth Generation Farm Wife

The Hortiholic

The Last Leaf Gardener

Deb’s Garden

The Pyjama Gardener

Spokes and Petals

At this point, I should probably reveal those 14 secrets — seven for each nomination.  But I won’t.  Believe me, I’m not that interesting.  Besides, my Gloxinia taught me well.  There are some things better left underground — only to be revealed when my inner timepiece says so.

16 thoughts on “This Bud’s For You

  1. Ooooohhhh! You have secrets, tales to tell, stories to unfold in the goodness of time….ooohhhhh…..
    You also have a flamin’ great blog…so rejoice my friend…put those awards on the mantle piece for all to see! x

  2. Hi, Kevin! Thanks for the recognition! I appreciate it. I also was nominated for this same award several times. I’m afraid my response was quite lazy, referring to another post in which I received the Stylish Blogger Award, which had the same requirements. But i do appreciate you thinking about me!

    By the way, gloxinia was the first plant my husband ever gave me. It has a special place in my heart. I love those leaves!

  3. Many thanks, Kevin! I really appreciate your thinking of me and acknowleging my writing. I am in the middle of a very busy spat of days, here, but will get my acceptance post up and running as soon as I can. Take care!

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