Bloomin’ Update 19: The Wearin’ O’ The Green


It’s truly a green day! 

I’m on my way to march and play my bagpipes in the NYC parade,

but I wanted to share some of the greenery in my neck of the woods. 

Happy Saint Patrick’s Day!

Swirls of Sedum.

In a matter of warm days, the northern-growing Magnolia went from this. . .

. . . to this. So close!

Crocus make an appearance.

Bela Lugosi Daylilies greeting the sun.

24 thoughts on “Bloomin’ Update 19: The Wearin’ O’ The Green

    • I spotted the sedum in a neighbor’s yard. I think mine looks the same, but they’re still buried under the leaves. Once parade season ends, the raking will begin.

  1. Beautiful pictures! I’m glad you’re playing bagpipes outside. They can be ear-splitting in a small gym. That’s how they were played at my brother’s court of honor years ago, and I couldn’t hear for a week (jk). Do you have to wear earplugs when you play? Or do you get used to it?

    • They are quite loud when played inside — especially when it’s an entire band. I’ve tried to play with earplugs, but I find that annoying — everything sounds too muffled, especially when the pipe major is calling out a tune to be played. My head is still echoing from yesterday. 🙂

  2. Kevin, you have some serious green. And blue, and pink, and white . . . and just beauty. Enjoy.

    Hey, where are the parade pics? You wear no earplugs, but what about kilt pics? The demands get louder.

  3. Great pics Kevin! I love that sage green bud against the brilliant pink petals. I watched my White Star Magnolia blossoms shatter all day. Looked like snow beneath the tree.

    • I know what you mean. The magnolia is a fleeting experience. Each day, I dread the thought of going to work and missing the process of bus to bloom to falling petals. The heat, I’m sure, doesn’t help. Happy spring.

  4. Your spring display is lovely especially for St. Patrick’s Day! My blooms are rapidly opening as well. Sometimes I look at a bud in the morning and by the evening it is very close to opening. Happy spring!

    • With all of this ultra-mild weather, it seems that spring is happening fast and furious. Every stroll around the yard reveals some new sprout. Happy spring.

  5. How did I miss this post? Doh!
    It’s almost as if you’ve been wandering round my own garden as we have the same plants…you should’ve knocked…I have cake!
    Now lets see those bagpipes you speak of… xx

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