Bloomin’ Update 23: Peony Power

Call me a geek, but when I look at a peony, I can’t help but think that I’m watching the garden equivalent of the Big Bang.  It’s stellar.  It’s creation.  It’s a miracle.


There it sits at the end of its stem, matter contained in a small globe as the pressure builds until a rift appears — a small hint of the wonder to come.


With each day, subtle change ripple across the surface.


Rain is the peony’s arch enemy, but at this stage of birth, beads of water just add to the awe.


And then, BOOM!


When you look closely, you can practically see the flames of its heart.


And just when you think it can’t possibly open any more, the peony seems to stretch to fill its whole universe.



38 thoughts on “Bloomin’ Update 23: Peony Power

  1. I love it! They are and always will be my favorites! I am expecting them to bloom every day now. Best regards from Berlin, Dagmar

    • My pleasure. I’m glad I was able to take the photos. It’s pouring rain right now — and that peony may be a pile of pink confetti by the end of the day. 😦

  2. I thought that teasing image from your Facebook photo was of the bikini-clad buttocks of Princess Fiona from Shrek! My mistake…it’s your gorgeous Peony (show off!)
    It’s a right cracker…so glad it’s not a bottom!

  3. Kevin – as long as there’s a big Bang and then at least a week or 2 of enjoyment, that’s fine. But when it gets hot too quickly and the peonies literally explode and fall apart in days, that’s very sad. I think we should be fine this year. Your pink peony is a stunning colour – beautiful!

    • Go ahead and plant them! You may not get flowers this year, but they will be established by next year. Happy planting. By the way, peonies do not grow from a bulb. You may have bare roots. Good luck!

  4. I just can’t grow these gorgeous flowers in my zone…we are just too hot! But I can dream. I love peonies, and these photos are spectacular. I just read your comment above, and that’s just a crying shame to think of it pelted by rain! I love to read your posts. Our climates are so different, but I enjoy every word. Debra

  5. “RSVP Peonies! Polinate the breeze! Make the queen of bees hot as brandy!” (From the musical, On a Clear Day You Can See Forever). Can’t stop singing it this time o’ year. Thanks for a lyrical post!

  6. I enjoyed the photos and commentary. I love peony flowers but have resisted planting them because they are so delicate and I can’t bear it when they are ruined a day or two after blooming. However, after much nagging by my spouse, two years ago I planted one each of five different varieties. My favorite is ‘America’ from Klehm’s Song Sparro Farm. It is relatively sturdy in flower and stem and has bright red single flowers.

    • I can certainly feel your pain when it comes to watching a Peony either fade from glory or get pounded by rain. Ouch! But I’m thrilled that you took the plunge. Even though they’re here for only a short time, I love the anticipation of their arrival and the few days they visit. They’re like an old friend. Thanks so much for commenting.

  7. Hi Kevin, What a beautiful peony! It makes me want to go look for a spot for one in the garden. I’ve never had a peony. By the way, I’ve been posting lots of daylily blooms. Hope you have time to stop by. Who knows? You might just start a daylily addiction. 🙂 I enjoyed your post.

    • Hi Beth! You would love a peony (or ten). The only negative is that the flowers really don’t last too long — but for the time they’re present, peonies are magical. And I’m on my way to see your daylilies. 🙂

  8. Love, love, love your posts. My childhood neighbor had peonies and I remember rushing outside to check on them every day, loving the evolution and anxious for the show. And as if the spectacular bloom and color weren’t enough, the smell, oh, the smell!

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