Bloomin’ Update 26: You’re Making Me Blush

It’s difficult for me to say at which point that I most enjoy Hydrangeas.  Is it when they’re at their peak bloom time?  Or as they fade into their antique colors?  Or, perhaps, it’s now — when the first blush of color touches each petal?


24 thoughts on “Bloomin’ Update 26: You’re Making Me Blush

  1. Hi Kevin
    Terrific shots of many different types of hydrangeas! They are spectacular. I see one of them is a climbing hydrangea – I have that too and it’s in bloom. I love it! If you have space in your garden, maybe buy and plant my ultimate favourite: oakleaf hydrangea. Big maple-tree-type leaves and long conical blooms. A real beauty!

    • If truth be told, it’s not a climbing hydrangea — although it looks like one. I purchased the lacecap from Home Depot because the label name had “red” in name. I thought I was getting a hydrangea withg red blossoms. Instead, I have a hydrangea whose new branches are reddish. It’s still a charmer, though, that looks incredible during twilight hours. The pale color seems to bloom. And I understand your love for oakleaf. I only wish I had the room.

  2. Kevin. your first blush is evocative, a beautifully photographed preview of the abundance in store. Of course, here in my piece of Connecticut, first blush is yet to come on the mopheads, while oakleafs are tuning up.

  3. I am with you Kevin, they are beautiful at every stage and that makes them even more enjoyable. Having blooms for all the seasons from them makes them one of my favorites in the garden. Wonderful pictures of your first blushes of color.

  4. I just love them! They are not at all “draught tolerant” for my climate and I’m trying to go more in that direction, but I wouldn’t want to eliminate the ones I have had for years and years. I just think they are gorgeous! My grandmother always had them and I am very nostalgic when the blooms are at their fullest. Debra

    • Drought and hydrangeas definitely do not go together. But when the climate’s right — they are spectacular. And I love your reference to nostalgia. Be well, Debra.

    • Hello — I just found your comment in the spam folder and I pulled it out and added it here. Glad you enjoyed the photos and that mopheads are winning you over. I agree, hydrangeas are beautiful at all stages, so don’t be surprise if I keep posting photos of their aging gracefully.

  5. The hydrangea photos are beautiful, Kevin. The booms are beautiful at all stages, but I like them as they fade into their antique colors the best. Thank your for sharing your beautiful blooms.

  6. I hadn’t really thought of hydrangeas like this but you’re right, there is a slight blush in the beginning. Great photos capturing that slight touch of colour.

  7. Hi Kevin! you have some noticeable hydrangeas and I like the pictures as well! I prefer my hydrangeas as they fade but I mostly grow paniculatas, quercifolias and arborescens’ so maybe it doesn’t count. Macrophyllas are beautiful during most of their periods for different reasons. Do you treat yours with aluminum? I can see some are a little on the blue side… or maybe you have acidic soil?

    • I really don’t do anything with them, other than give them water. So the color must be from the acid/alkaline ratio. I also think that some of the newer varieties are more true to their color. But don’t quotes on that one.

  8. Oh Kev…as an indecisive Libran, I couldn’t probably say without changing my mind 100 times & messing up your voting system!! Let’s just say I love ’em…before, during & after…all eventualities catered for xx

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