Heading Home — And It’s All Write By Me

Hooray!  The car is fixed and we’re finally heading home.  Since I am out of wireless and Internet range, I’m leaving the post writing to you.  Remember, keep each other entertained until I get home. 

We had a visitor the other day.  At first, from the corner of his eye, Joe thought it was a rock.  I thought it was a helmet — because, well, it makes perfect sense that a helmet would randomly appear outside the front door, right?  I know.  A definite “duh” moment.

In any event, the rock/helmet came to life with legs and a head.

As we marveled at our close encounter, he/she started to move and I snapped the picture below — and it is in desperate need of a caption. 

Since Joe and I are somewhere on a highway driving home to New York — and without Internet access — I thought I would hand over the post writing to all of you.  So get your imaginations and your creative juices flowing, and comment your caption (or two or three) below.  In fact, invite your friends and families, co-workers and strangers to do the same.  This isn’t a contest — just a chance for fun.

I’ll get the ball rolling.

After years of living life in the slow lane, Tess thought, “At last, I have met the frog of my dreams — but he doesn’t even know I’m alive.”

And now, Joe and I are in the car for the drive back to Long Island.  I’m looking forward to reading your comments when I get home.  Have fun!

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