18 thoughts on “Star With Royal Beauty Bright

  1. I hope you are watching this sunrise with a big glass of fresh, Florida orange juice. When my parents were living down there I used to love squeezing out all their sweet goodness on Grandma’s old hand juicer. 🙂 Merry Christmas to all.

  2. Merry Christmas, Kevin – I hope you have a wonderful 2013 full of smiles, laughter and fun times gardening! I really enjoy your writing and this blog. Keep it comin’!!

  3. Merry Christmas & happy New Year to you & Joe for 2013 and beyond. I’m SO glad I discovered your blog early in 2012–your insightful posts helped get me through some rough times & over some scary hurdles these past months plus gave me the courage and drive to stay in the game to see what’s down the road. Your unique perspective often gave me a new angle on something I’d puzzled about and that goes a long way to helping solve the finger puzzles of life sometimes. This Christmas was certainly filled with wonder and delight… wonder of what’s to come and how we’ll shape it + delight that living here offers us the opportunity to take an active part in it. Blessed be.

    • Eileen, I am so glad that you found this blog and that you have been able to find comfort in my words. It’s one of those things that I never quite expect as I sit here and write — it’s the unknown of where words will go and what they will do and how they will be perceived. I wish you the best of everything this holiday season — and a New Year that is full of possibilities. Be well.

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