Wordless Wednesday: Warm Thoughts

Potting Bench

It wouldn’t be a Wordless Wednesday without a few words.

For months now, Joe and I have been in south Florida so I can better manage some heart issues. Being a garden blogger without a garden has been a recurring theme in many of my recent posts.

While I’ve tried to keep myself busy with rooting some clippings and edging out beds, I just haven’t felt settled. My thoughts continually return to my potting shed, which has been dormant for too long.

The other day, though, a very large package arrived for me. Once opened, I saw the dismembered pieces of a potting bench.  The pieces looked familiar.  It was my New York potting bench, the one that has sat unused in an empty potting shed.

Joe, with the help of our nephew, arranged to have it shipped to me.

Once it was rebuilt, it looked a little startled to be in zone 10.  This was unfamiliar territory.  Where’s the cold?  Where’s the snow?  And just what are these small lizards that seem to be everywhere?  I understood those feelings.

With a few accessories, the bench started to look more at home — and I now have a corner of the yard to call my own, a place to learn and experiment with the new plants around me.

Potting Bench

32 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday: Warm Thoughts

  1. I love Joe! What a great gift that was – to surprise you with your long-missed potting bench! Gives me a warm fuzzy! I see it didn’t take very long to reassemble it and get it looking like the working bench it was meant to be! Happy plantings! ❤

  2. Joe is a gem!

    I see that you are already successfully propagating croton. Isn’t it odd to be able to plant something outdoors that you always thought of as a housplant?

    • Hi Brenda. Have hat and bench, will garden. The pots were really a rescue mission — when my doctors suggested I stay warm, we thought it best to bring terra-cotta pots with us. They like to be warm, too. 🙂

  3. OH my Goodness. Joe is amazing, you are lucky. Would have loved to see the look on your face as you opened it and saw your bench, albeit in pieces! Enjoyed reading your blog, the beginning is great “well it wouldnt be wordless Wed without a few words…” cute

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