Wordless Wednesday: My Pineapple



This is my pineapple.


I’ve waited months for it to arrive. Back in August, I rooted the plant from the cut top of a fresh pineapple. Since then, the sword like leaves have grown and now the flower stalk is emerging from the center.


Actually, pineapples are members of the bromeliad family, and the fruit is actually the flower. I knew this going into the the growing project — I just wasn’t prepared for the colors.


Since I had the chance, I thought I would also play with the color saturation filter on my camera — one pineapple, two filters, and just as sweet.

6 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday: My Pineapple

  1. Hello, fellow Florida gardener 🙂 Glad I stumbled onto your blog! Homegrown pineapples are the absolute best, I wish I could grow them. My yard is too mucky so I grew them in pots, patiently waiting for them to grow and ripen only to lose them to raccoons. I gave up and now harvest mine at Publix.

    • Hi Myrtle Glen. Sorry to hear about the raccoons getting to your pineapples. You may have to construct some kind of screen/cage barrier to keep them out. Good luck.

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