A Tiny Gardener In A Big World

Several weeks ago, a photo appeared on my personal Facebook newsfeed — and I’ve been captivated (obsessed) ever since. 

The image showed a bed of cosmos from the ground and looking upward. The photographer captured what it would be like to be an insect — or, in my case, a very tiny gardener — looking at the blue sky through the lacy canopy of cosmos “trees” with colorful flower umbrellas appearing to float above. 

I still haven’t been able to get that whimsical scene out of my mind.  That’s why I’ve been placing my phone on selfie mode, sticking it beneath shrubs and flowers every chance I get, and aiming upward.

The result not only satisfies my dream of napping beneath my plants, but it also gives me a whole new view of my garden, one that’s rarely seen — and the simple joy it brings cannot be overlooked. Go on, now, and try it. I know you want to.

Happy Gardening!

8 thoughts on “A Tiny Gardener In A Big World

  1. I’m really tuned in these days to celebrating the small things that bring delight. This does it for me. I’m going to follow suit, for certain. I think these photos would make great photo cards.

    • Hi Debra… I completely understand about the small things in life. I feel the older I get, the less and less I need. I just want to live as simply as can be. I hope you’re well. Stay safe!

    • Hi Lobster Shorts. I’m glad you enjoyed the camera angle — it truly opened up a whole new world for me, especially since I’ve spent the last year looking at the garden from the same angle. Crawling around, getting underneath, changed the scenery for me… When I moved to South Florida, I had visions of flowers blooming everywhere. So did the iguanas. They eat everything! Colorful foliage with interesting shapes was a good way to bring in color. Happy gardening!

    • Hi Michele! Exactly… I was getting bored looking at the yard from my angle for so long. When that picture appeared on my FB newsfeed, I was so inspired to crawl underneath and look at life from a whole new perspective. Can you imagine hydrangeas from this angle? I think they would look like colorful clouds!

    • Hello M’Lady. I don’t have a selfie stick either — and for the record, I haven’t yet perfected the selfie. I’m usually looking off in every direction but where the lens is… and add progressive glasses into the mix, and my head is always tilted at some crazy angle to I can see what my hands and phone are doing. 21st century struggles. I just squatted down next to the plant, reached in with my camera and aimed up — a few times I caught my face in the photo — and that is not a flattering selfie pose. Have you ever looked down at the camera lens, with all that flesh falling forward? Frightening! Have fun!

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