Bloomin’ Update 22: Making Love To The Camera

There are days when I no longer feel like a gardener.  There are days when I feel more like a fashion photographer, coordinating colors, waiting for the perfect light, and soothing the tender egos.  As I take out the camera, they’re on — strutting and seductive as they all aim to get the cover of Vogue or Elle or Better Homes and Gardens.

“Yes.  That’s the shot.”

Bleeding Heart

“Hold it.  Hold it.”

“The camera loves you, baby.”

“I can tell you’re going to be a star.”

“Own the pose, sweetie.”

“Work the runway.”


“You’re on fire!”

Hardy Geranium

“Pretty in pink, that’s what you are.”


“Kid, in time, you’ll be America’s next top model.”


“That’s the money shot.”

Clematis “Nelly Moser”

 “Yes,” I assure each of them. “There’s no one else like you. You’ve got the look.”

If they ever start talking to each other and learn that I say that to all the lovelies, well, my fashion photographer days are over. It’ll be back to the garden for me.



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32 thoughts on “Bloomin’ Update 22: Making Love To The Camera

    • Mario, glad you liked them. The close-up is a bit misleading. The foliage is fern-like and the plant is covered in flowers, about an inch across. Hope you give them a try.

  1. This is so funny (sorry, just trying to compose myself…). I’m sure that the next time I venture outside with my trusty Canon I’ll have a smile on my face as most of my lovelies are either camera shy or past their sell by date by the time I have chance to snap them! Great, fun post Kevin.

    • Glad I could brighten your day. For me, the hard part isn’t so much the picture taking; it’s the catering. Who likes what? Who’s watching their figure? It’s endless. 🙂

  2. All I can say is that the models in my garden can’t hold a candle to yours. I think I have the ones that were too shy to pose.

    • To tell you the truth — I surprised myself with that one. I only learned that the camera has a zoom feature that allows me to do macro photography. The problem is, I don’t have a tripod so I have to stand very still. Every breath, every heartbeat, every pulse causes the image to move. When I press the button to take the actual photo, I never know what part of the plant I captured.

  3. Beautiful shots! You have captured some great close-ups of your fashionable flowers! And a belated Happy Blogoversary!

  4. Hi Kevin,

    Your garden looks like its in full bloom (I am so envious – my garden is a bit more northern)! You’re photos are lovely! And the macro work is gorgeous … as is your garden!

    I think your encouragement helped your ‘subjects’ pose so well and feel comfortable in front of the camera – some can be notoriously shy! 🙂

    Happy belated Blogerversary!

    • Kelly, great to hear from you and thanks for the kind words. Yes, some can be shy — but with a little warmth, water, and time, they open up and show their true colors. 🙂

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