Bloomin’ Update 28: I Went To A Garden Party . . .

It seems that quite suddenly, summer has brought the entire world into bloom — and that means hosting a whole bunch of guests to a bloomin’ banquet.  There’s plenty to eat and drink — so, bring a chair, sit back, and relax.

First up: butterflies.  I’m not sure what type of butterfly this is, but the garden is full of them.  They really don’t socialize with the other guests, and can often be found in pairs, fluttering about in mid-air and playing among the lavender.

The daylilies seem to be taking center stage — and while we’re on the subject, isn’t it about time that someone develops the week-lily or the month-lily.  It seems almost criminal that a daylily should only flower for about a day.  I mean, what if you happen to be busy that day?  Does it mean you have to miss the show? 

This is Bela Lugosi.

I’m afraid the name of this daylily has long been forgotten.

The yard seems to be inundated with this year’s trendsetters: dragonflies, or as I knew them from childhood — dining needles.  They zip around and hover above the pool water, engage in air battles with one another, and then delicately rest on the tip of Liatris.

It wouldn’t be a “Bloomin’ Update” if I didn’t share some photos of my best garden friends, hydrangeas, as they put on their show.  In fact, some of them — particularly the blue ones — are just getting started after sunset, when they seem to glow after absorbing light from the sun.

What kind of party would this be without some party crashers?  They usually grab what they need and then buzz off to the next shindig.

Finally, I’d like to introduce you to some of the newbies — the first flowers on plants grown from seed.

The geraniums are just about ready to explode.

Here is the first of Bishop’s Children dahlia . . .

‘. . . and Strawberry Fields gomphrena.

I hope you all had a nice time.  Let’s do this again, real soon.

24 thoughts on “Bloomin’ Update 28: I Went To A Garden Party . . .

    • Hi. Thanks for commenting. Like you, I’m completely mesmerized by them. It seems that this year — maybe because of the mild winter — I happen to have more than usual. I really don’t mind, though.

  1. Kevin, as always the photos are gorgeous! Absolutely LOVE the purple day lily and the hydrangea! As for your butterflies, I believe they may be cabbage whites, who are very entertaining as the male circles around the female (and if she is NOT interested) she flies higher and higher while he circles until he is exhaused and falls to the ground. I, too, am mesmerized by the dragonflies, which are out in incredible numbers here in VA. I’m pretty sure the very mild winter caused their increased numbers, because they are all over the place! Lovely!

    • Well, that biology lesson has certainly cleared things up. I’ve always enjoyed watching their fluttering dance. It’s nice to know that it has a purpose other than pumping up the party’s entertainment factor. 🙂

  2. Love the dragonflies, and also Bella Lugosi! We have the smaller damselflies in my garden. I agree with Pat that the butterflies are cabbage whites. I always thought cabbage whites needed to hire a branding consultant to come up with a new name – maybe something like “Brassica Ivory.”

  3. Great pix as always! Glad to see you are stopping to smell the roses or gomphrena, as the case may be. My mom used to call dragonflies darning needles but she is a quilter, knitter, sewer type so I guess that’s why.

    • I actually think there is some research out there that explains the different names for dragonflies based on geographic regions. Lots of names for one amazing insect.

  4. Such wonderful pictures in this posting Kevin. How did you ever get that one of the Dragonfly. I have such a hard time finding one to set still for me. LOL! I love your purple lily. I love it when it is time for the lilies to bloom so I can visit and see so many different ones in everyone’s gardens and that one is lovely with those blends of purple. Have a great week.

  5. What a garden party, Kevin! I’m not surprised the daylilies are taking center stage. They wouldn’t have it any other way. I think the fleeting blooms of daylilies make them all the more magical. Maybe you need more of them, so they won’t seem so fleeting. 🙂

    • Hi Mario. I’ve heard about your drought. Nothing like that here. In fact, we just had a monsoon of sorts the other day. Are you on water restrictions? I think that would hurt. Actually, watching the news tonight, it’s very sad that large parts of Florida were saturated with rain, while other areas of the country (like the Midwest and Colorado) are in desperate need. I hope and pray that cooler temperatures and rain come your way.

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