Bloomin’ Update 45: Garden In The Rain



I love a rainy day, no matter the season.  It’s the perfect excuse to curl up on the couch, nap a little or a lot and watch a parade of old movies.  It’s also a chance to take a break from gardening chores — but not completely.

A rainy day, as it is as I’m writing this post, is the perfect time to get in the garden — to not only weed (easier to pull out) but to experience the garden in a different light.  The whole world seems more organic — just water and earth and plants.  I guess I believe for every drop of rain that falls, a flower grows.



I also imagine I can hear the greenery sighing, relishing the cooler air and the cleansing drizzle, as if the garden is receiving a spa treatment.  And all the while, with my camera in hand, I’m humming “Garden In The Rain.”

The song was written in 1928, but it’s a bit new to me.  Over the decades, numerous artists, including Perry Como and Sarah Vaughn, have added their own arrangements to the song — but it’s the sultrier, smokier sounds recorded by Diana Krall for her Glad Rag Doll (Deluxe Version) that completely soothe me, enveloping me like a favorite blanket.

White Pine

White Pine.

I recall a summer’s day,

When you and I had strolled away

And suddenly a storm drew nigh.



Seeking shelter from the rain,

We hurried down a little lane

And found lovely a spot nearby.



T’was just a garden in the rain,

Close to a little leafy lane,

A touch of color ‘neath skies of gray.



The raindrops kissed the flowerbeds.

The blossoms raised their thirsty heads,

A perfumed thank you they seemed to say.


Canna leaf.

Surely there was charm beyond

Compare to view.

Maybe it was just that

I was there with you.



T’was just a garden in the rain,

But then the sun came out again

And sent us happily on our way.

Diana Krall’s first version of “Garden In The Rain,” from her album Love Scenes.

14 thoughts on “Bloomin’ Update 45: Garden In The Rain

  1. feeling soothed and watered now. Like you I can enjoy the rain and what it brings – we have now sorted our garden out so that we can sit out in the rain and stay dry – a must in the UK 🙂

    • Hey Claire — it’s always good to be hydrated. By the way, great idea on staying dry while enjoying the rain. The sound of rain falling is so soothing! Be well. 🙂

  2. Lovely shots, Kevin! And great song. I too love taking photos just after a rainfall. We could use more rain here, though – they predicted no drought this summer but there are long stretches with no precipitation. Any rain is more than welcome!

    • Hi Astrid. Glad you liked the photos and the song. I’m a huge fan of Ms. Krall — love her voice. I do hope you get some rain soon — nothing too overwhelming, but something to ease the dryness. Be well!

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