Yule Tune: White Christmas (Diana Krall)

Autumn Joy in Snow

Autumn Joy in snow.

This morning, I woke up to snow — and while I may not be a fan of the white stuff, even I must admit that there is something exciting, something magical about snow at this time of year.

Ivy in Snow

Ivy in snow.

On Long Island, a white Christmas is always iffy.  More often than not, if there should be any snow, it’s usually washed away by rain or a burst of mild temperatures.  Our snowy time arrives after Christmas.  Still, the iffiness does nothing to dampen our hope and excitement that this year we will have a “White Christmas.”

Pebbles in snow.

Pebbles in snow.

While many performers have put their own stamp on this Christmas standard, I’m always drawn to Diana Krall’s version.  Her voice, sultry and intimate, feels like a warm blanket — kind of like the one that’s wrapped around me right now, as I watch sugary powder dust and cover everything.

Bench in snow.

Bench in snow.

Oak leaf  in snow.

Oak leaf in snow.

Hydrangea in snow.

Hydrangea in snow.

Chair in snow.

Chair in snow.

Oak leaves looking like cookies dusted with sugar.

Oak leaves looking like cookies dusted with sugar.

8 thoughts on “Yule Tune: White Christmas (Diana Krall)

  1. ‘Autumn Joy’ and its architectural form never disappoints. I never did see snow until I was 13 coming from Australia and it was hard to embrace but it is so forgiving in letting the most marginal of garden space look like a winter wonderland.

    • Hi Patrick. Like you, I also like Autumn Joy — it’s interesting in all seasons. As for that winter wonderland effect — it’s only short-lived. Once the street grime settles on it, it’s just a big mess. But when it first falls — magical!

  2. I really like that photo of the chair in the snow! I think that would be a great framed graphic–just an aside. 🙂 I have this Diana Krall CD and totally agree with you. She’s wonderful. The white stuff really is beautiful. Terribly inconvenient, I’m sure, but this time of year it must have a certain magical quality!

    • Hi Debra. The brief snow we had is just about melted — and it will certainly be gone after we experience the record high temps that are predicted for this weekend. I guess I’m dreaming of a green — or brown — Christmas. By the way, thank you for the comments on the photo. Much appreciated.

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