Yule Tune: Holiday Grab Bag (Lawrence Welk & Perry Como)

I’m feeling a bit nostalgic tonight — probably because each Sunday night, I’m aways reminded of family dinners at my grandmother’s house in Queens, NY.  Once all of the dishes were hand-washed and dried, we used to sit in the living room (on the sofa and floor) to watch “The Wonderful World of Disney,” “Mutual of Omaha’s Wild Kingdom, ” and “The Lawrence Welk Show.”  If I remember correctly, there was a lot of eye rolling at that last show, but something has changed in the passing decades.

Looking back at the clips, there is something rather sweet and, yes, comical about the show.  Maybe it’s the familiar faces or the corniness or the remembered aromas of my grandmother’s cooking, but Mr. Welk and crew certainly brings a smile to my face.

And if that wasn’t enough nostalgia for one night, how about this one from Perry Como.  Pay attention to the pop-ups and remember to wait for Santa Claus.

I couldn’t let this post end without one last moment with Lawrence Welk.

8 thoughts on “Yule Tune: Holiday Grab Bag (Lawrence Welk & Perry Como)

    • Hi Donna. I think we — except my grandmother — considered it corny even then. 🙂 Today, I find it rather fun to watch — but only in small amounts. We don’t want any cavities!

  1. Those were big hits in my house, too, Kevin! I wanted to be Peggy Lennon! Somehow I thought she had it all. LOL! I was going through some old LPs the other day trying to clear a few out and I came across some Perry Como that belonged to someone in the family and I inherited. I almost gave way to letting a couple go…and then retrieved them. I’ll have to go back and see if any of the were Christmas. I don’t recall. I thoroughly love your choices for today. Great favorites from my childhood!

  2. Oh, Kevin!!! How those eyes did roll!!!! Probably mine more than anyone else’s!! As a teenager, I HATED having to sit through Lawrence Welk and his champagne music (turn off the “bubble machine-a”!!). I still can’t watch that show!! But I remember well the aromas of Grandma’s cooking – especially pot roast – always my favorite! Thanks for the memories. I’m enjoying your daily posts, BTW! Merry Christmas!

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