Bloomin’ Update 63: Fancy Plants

Recently, I took a long overdue stroll through a local South Florida nursery. I wasn’t expecting to take photos — this was supposed to be a quick trip to pick up some vinca for some of the pots in the backyard.

When I arrived, though, the hibiscuses — ruffled and puckered — were putting on a fashion show, each one trying to grab my attention. Fortunately, I had my iPhone 6 camera with me and a steady hand.

I’m not sure if orchids have a season, but they’re in full bloom all around South Florida. I recently went on a garden tour, hosted by a local gardening club. Because of the climate here, most gardeners tie their orchids to trees. In time, the roots attach themselves to the trunks and then . . . bloom — an explosion of color. These are a few of the beauties I spotted along the way.

In my garden, I’ve also attached orchids to trees — close to the house ( which helps to keep them safe from iguanas) so I can enjoy them while I’m inside and looking out of the windows. This is a scorpion orchid, a gift from friends, and it’s flowering for the first time.

And Now For Something Completely Different

One day, I thought I’d have some fun with one of the spotted orchids by photographing it in black and white. Then, I  played with the filters, adjusting the contrast. In the end I was treated to a sort of floral Rorschach test.

I think I see a bald eagle getting ready to do an interpretive dance. What do you see?

16 thoughts on “Bloomin’ Update 63: Fancy Plants

  1. Your photos are balm for my NY winter-weary spirit, Kevin. My crocuses came up last week and quickly croaked. Oh, to vicariously savor your Florida blooms! Thank you! Hugs from up the coast, Cathey

    • Hi Cathey. I’m glad I could send some warm blooms to you. I remember those long, slow days trudging up to spring — and even then, warm weather isn’t a guarantee. Stay warm and cozy!

  2. Oh my, gorgeous blooms! What a treat, thanks. But did not know orchids deter iguanas; I thought they loved to eat orchids.
    I see a bird in your black in white photo, too. It looks like one of those prairie chickens to me, tail fanned out for dancing.

    • Hi Sandy. My apologies for the confusion — yes, iguanas consider orchids a delectable delicacy! I plant my orchids in the trees closest to the house. Iguanas tend to keep away from the house because there’s more human activity, so the orchids are relatively safe there.

  3. We have hibiscus here, of course, but I’ve never seen any to match the ones in your photos. So flamboyant! What show-offs.

    • Hi Jane. All of the hibiscus pictured here are happy to be in the tropics. Th brighter colors I spotted in a small nursery. The faded one was actually in a the garden center at a local box store. I’m still not sure how I feel about its faded colors, but it’s certainly unique!

    • Hi Bittster. Actually, I left with only the vinca. That was my mission and it was accomplished. I really could have purchased any one of those colorful hibiscus, but two issues: not enough room and too many iguanas. Those reptiles adore them!

  4. Hi Kevin, I’m late getting to read this, and it seems odd that just a month ago we were doing things like going on garden tours. I’m not usually a fan of ruffled flowers, but that ruffled yellow hibiscus is amazing. I also love the orange one with the magenta center.

    • Hello Jean. Yes, it’s amazing how quickly our “normal” changed. At the moment, I’m making lists of things to do in the garden once I nurseries open or once I feel I comfortable enough to stop distancing myself. I hope you are staying safe.

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