Bloomin’ Update 12: Bedazzled & Be-blogged

I always thought I knew my garden, knew all of its ins and outs.  I have learned otherwise since starting this blog.  Now, I find myself looking at the garden more deeply, always thinking of the next post.  In fact, post obsession occupies most of my daily thoughts since I promised myself that I would post twice a week.  Could I possibly write that much, especially at this time of year when so much of the garden is leaving or already gone?

That was the thought I had the other day when I pulled into the driveway, the posting question planted firmly in the forefront of my brain.  It had been a rainy, gray day — and as I sat in my car, I looked about and I was stunned.  My garden had been transformed into a shimmering display of rubies and amber,  garnet and topaz.  The next day, the sun came out, and when I looked about again, I discovered that my rainy day vision had not been a dream. 

Red and Gold, part 1.

Weeping Dogwood.

Beneath the outer leaves of the Weeping Dogwood, other leaves were making the change.

It's a wonder what a little frost will do to Hosta.


The Climbing Hydrangea has never bloomed. Just leaves.

Japanese Maple

Euonymus "Burning Bush" is on fire.

Red and Gold, Part 2



13 thoughts on “Bloomin’ Update 12: Bedazzled & Be-blogged

    • Hi Mario. Now that I know your line of work, it’s not surprising that you would be drawn to color and texture. As for me, give me heat and humidity, shorts and sandals — although, I must admit, I would find it difficult to give up my cool weather sweaters.

  1. When I first started blogging I wondered if I would ever find enough to talk about but I’ve realized that us gardeners always have gardening on our minds no matter what the season. I’m sure you’ll have no problems at all finding things to chat about during the winter months.

    • Hello. Glad you enjoyed the colors. It’s been a strange fall — not as robust as in previous years, but colorful nonetheless. Right now we are just past peak leaf color change, After that, nothing but branches.

  2. Great shots, there sure is beauty to be seen all year round, although I have to admit a preference for Spring. I do find myself writing a post whilst my mind is on the next, hmm, probably shows. I am now finding it more comfortable with once per week. alistair

    • Alistair, thanks for commenting and visiting. Like you, I find myself much more energized in spring — I shiver when I think of autumn and our tilt away from the sun. By the way, I visited your site — beautiful selection of flowers for a Scotland garden in mid-November!

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