Extra! Extra! Weed All About It!

Weeding.  It’s one of those necessary chores of gardening, and generally, there are two approaches.  The first is, pull ‘em as you see ‘em.  I try to take this sensible approach as often as I can.  More than likely, though, I usually find myself in a weed-a-thon, removing a tangled jungle of inconsiderate weeds that continued to grow and spread despite my not having enough time to choose option one.

That’s how it is right now with this blog.  I’ve let several things build up and now it’s time to weed.

First, I owe Beyond Confessions an apology.  Weeks ago – yes, weeks – Beyond Confessions nominated me for the Versatile Blogger Award.  Although it is definitely an honor to be nominated, I feel kind of strange accepting it because I’ve received this award twice before.

When she informed me of her nomination, I posted a reply saying thank you – and that maybe she should nominate someone else under the circumstances.  I mean, let’s share the wealth a bit.  Besides, I really don’t know if I can handle the requirements of the award.  I’m all out of random facts about myself – or at least the random facts I feel comfortable telling you all about. 

As soon as I clicked send, however, the guilt struck me like a clump o’ mud – and it has been weighing on me, quite heavily.  No matter my logic for declining the award, the truth is Beyond Confessions should be thanked and her blog should be recognized.  Not only did she take the time to nominate me and 14 other sites, she also completed the award’s requirements while documenting her life as a new mom on her blog. 

So, here’s my compromise.  I have thanked Beyond Confessions.  I will not reveal any more random facts about me.  But I will  nominate blogs that I have recently discovered — because they deserve to be recognized.

  1. Daylily Soup – Beth is an Alabama-based gardener who fills her site with amazing words and amazing photos, all of which document her passion.
  2. Sods Law – Amy is a photographer first , and now she has a garden.  A match made in heaven.
  3. Vickie Szumigala Photo Blog — Vickie is a self-taught photographer who is looking to share tips on making this craft affordable and easy.
  4. The Word Hoarder — Rich is an Irish ex-pat now living, gardening, raising a family, and writing in North Carolina.  Join him on his journey.
  5. The Soulsby Farm — I am always impressed with the diversity of people’s lives out there.  Here Dan not only shares his family , but also the work he does on his small farm.  Fascinating stuff.
  6. This Modern Wife — Alanna shares much of her life as she seeks to redefine what it means to be a wife in the 21st century.
  7. Skeptical Gardener — A new homeowner and the responsibility of landscaping and tending to a garden.

My second bit of weeding has to do with so many of the comments I received during March – also known as St. Patrick’s Month.  Many of you requested a photo of me in full parade regalia.  I don’t show this sort of stuff to just anyone. . . but. . . here it goes:

This is me parading in a local parade on Long Island.  My friend Cathey captured me in mid-blow, jowls full of air.  Bagpiping may not always be pretty, but I do love the accessories. 

34 thoughts on “Extra! Extra! Weed All About It!

  1. DARN! What a brilliant post title…wish I’d thought of that…DARN…AGAIN!
    That’s a mighty fine pair of pipes you have there, can just make out a naked knee…you ‘floosy’! Next mission is a video clip of you playing said pipes with maybe a jig too. You can do it…well done on your nomination again. xxx

      • DARN! DARN! DARN!
        You’re on form today…might I suggest a nap…or a long vacation…you need to take a break from blogging & the computer and spend more time with your pipes & practising your jig.

      • Since it’s spring, this is peak posting and chore time. The pipes will be taking a day off, and the rake will be getting the workout. Photos to follow.

  2. I am so glad–really thrilled–to see you in your bagpiping regalia! I may be in my 80’s before I can take a lesson or two, but I really would love to play the bagpipes–even badly! I have looked into it, and just can’t seem to find anyone local to me who is willing to teach beginners. When I retire, I’ll be more flexible on my end and can travel across town. And yes, the awards do take time…and that’s probably the only thing that makes them challenging. Well, that, and trying to be sure favorite posts haven’t already been honored, sometimes multiple times. I’m very glad to be introduced to some gardeing sites. I learn so much from “all of you” that I’m never afraid to read more. Soon, I won’t be able to leave my house. Ha! Debra

    • It’s never too late to learn. I’m not sure where you are located, but this link might help you find a local band. http://www.euspba.org/ If you click “Membership” and then “Bands,” you might find a group that offers free or low-cost lessons. The give back is that once you learn how to play, you’ll parade with the band. And if you do learn how to play, you might be asked to leave the house because of the noise — I mean volume. 🙂

      • Thanks, Kevin. I’m in Southern California, and I’ve found lessons on the west side…towards Santa Monica, but with schedules that’s unlikely for now. I will check out the link, though. I can begin to put things in motion! 🙂

      • The link is for the Eastern US Bagpiping Association. There may be a western counterpart. Good luck with it, no matter when you start.

  3. The Scots picked a winner when they went with the kilt! I loved your title too. Great post…and I agree with Jane, let’s see a video with you playing and doing a jig.

  4. Excellent bagpiping regalia, Kevin. And thanks for the nomination. I, too, will need some time to think about it (and get through the rest of this spring “break” (for kids, but not for parents)). But, I’ll have a think and reveal some secrets one of these days.

  5. Wow! Thank you for the nomination Kevin! I’m so flattered my blog was nominated by you. I’m pinching myself! This nomination has certainly put extra, extra sparkle in my day. 🙂

    Love your post title! I know what you mean about weed-a-thons! I’m getting ready to have one myself in a little while. It will be fun to “play in the yard” all day today though.

    Thanks for sharing the bag piping pic … love the kilt. Where did you learn to play the bagpipes?

    • You are very welcome, and I’m very glad that you found my site so that I could explore your site. That’s one of the wonders of blogging.

      I started playing a few years ago — perhaps I’ll write a post about it, since a lot of people have asked that same question. I know it won’t be gardening related, but the result is all the same. Enjoyment and relaxation.

    • I’m not sure if there are any rules. I think if you feel strongly enough about your nominations, then go for it. The nominees then have to decide how they would like to approach it. In my opinion, even if a blog is renominated, it’s still an honor. Have fun with it!

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