Bloomin’ Update 42: The Green Smile



Green is the color of comfort, at least it is for me.  It’s the color — whether it’s during a mid-winter trip to Florida or those early days of spring or those boiling days of summer — that holds me and comforts me, cradles me and soothes me.  It’s as if green pulls me close and says, “I’m here.  I’ve returned.  I didn’t abandon you.  Just breathe. . .”

And this year, green is definitely making up for the winter white that wouldn’t quit. Leaves.  Stems. Blooms. It’s all green, all the time.  In fact, it’s a bit amazing how green green can be — and how quickly it seems to fill every inch of woodland, meadow, and side street.  In my own garden, I have the annual worry that there are too many bare spots — and then green arrives, just in time to stop me from buying filler plants.

So, on this first day of summer, a celebration of green — and a few other colors that are beginning to make an appearance.





Hydrangea.  The first flush of color.

Hydrangea. The first flush of color.

Gaillardia.  Season two of plants started from seed.

Gaillardia. Season two of plants started from seed.

Heuchera.  It's all about the foliage.

Heuchera. It’s all about the foliage.

Daylily.  The buds are set.

Daylily. The buds are set.

Lacecap Hydrangea.  These flowers seem to glow in the dark.

Lacecap Hydrangea. These flowers seem to glow in the dark.



18 thoughts on “Bloomin’ Update 42: The Green Smile

  1. Hi Kevin – strangely, (or not really, as gardeners…) I was thinking exactly the same this morning – it’s always about green for me too – green is the colour for gardeners, the hope and positive-ness of it all – you are spot on, and your photos are lovely – happy gardening, Ursula

    • Hi Ursula. I think we, gardeners, do think alike — and non-gardeners may not always understand the rush that comes with seeing green, or the depths and texture of a dahlia bloom, or the juicy red of a home-grown tomato. Enjoy your green day!

    • Mario!!! I was afraid someone was going to ask me this question. I believe it’s “Purple Palace.” The light seems to alter the color — sometimes it’s very dark, sometimes greener, sometimes shimmering. Have a green day!

  2. I read your post then walked thru my garden….Daylillies budding? check. Hosta thriving? check. Huechera showing off foliage? check. Hydrangea panicula? not budding yet. Agastache? starting to flower & waiting for the “hummers”. Roses, sedum, rudbeckia, echinachea, clematis, joe pye weed, astilbe, ferns, rodgersia, hellebores, dicentra, ferns, clethera, buddleia, phlox, achillea, periskovia, nepeta, santolina, grape arbor & volunteer persicaria, ipomoea etc etc…it seems to be a good year for me in zone5b dutchess county ny too.. my raised herb bed & tomatoes, peppers are thriving.

    • Hello! I know what you mean. How quickly we forget how cold and icy winter can be at this time of year. I’m trying to absorb as much green before it gets snowed under. 🙂

  3. Kevin, Every year in late spring/early summer, I think about doing a post about all the different shades of green in my garden — but somehow I never get around to it. Thanks for doing it for me :-).

  4. Lovely colors, I love the leaves on that Hosta. Mine is all green. I have no colors this year, except for the passion flowers. I usually have some blue from the plumbago and orange from the kalanchoe, but my heavy pruning has prevented them from flowering so far.

    • Hi Graziella. Passion flowers are beautiful! Great colors — I hope they bloom for you. I wish I knew the name of that Hosta, but that info is now lost in time.

  5. Gorgeous pics! I love green, too – the color of grass and money. I have to comment on your heuchera, also! Fabulous! My gardens are mostly shade, but we have the heat here in Broken Arrow, OK (102 today) and only one has survived for 2 years, now. Thank God for hostas! I have a plant (bush, shrub?) that I bought at a roadside place at the lake, and I was told it is “related to a hydrangea”. Not sure what it is ,but it gets hydrangea-like flowers that start out green and turn white – getting very bushy and unruly, and it procreates like yours did – a branch hits the ground, and new ones spring up. Fun! Love your blog!

    • Hi Kathy. I’ve heard about the incredible heat on the news — and there seems to be no end. Hopefully, you’ll get a break — Lord knows the people in Oklahoma could use some kindness in the weather department. I’m glad you liked the photos — and, like you, I love green. I just feel I need to absorb as much of it as I can before winter returns. Stay cool!

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